Tone Up, And Save Money
Even In COLOR!

One of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your office is your printer.  Not because of what you paid for it, but because of what you pay to keep it printing.

The Ink or Toner can cost a fortune over the years.  In some cases the manufacturer’s price seems totally outrageous.  This is especially true if you run a color laser printer.

For example, a low price color printer from Minolta will only cost you about $1,000.00.  However to replace all the toner cartridges you’re looking at $400.00 to $500.00!  That’s half the price you paid for the damn thing in the first place!

Now I’m not picking on Minolta.  In fact some color printers are even worse when it comes to toner cost.

With this in mind could you imagine my reaction to a chance to pay under $200.00 for the Minolta toner!  In fact, the replacement of all four colors cost only $164.00!

I heard about a company called TonerKits on the web at:

Now a company that sold refill kits for Ink Jets was nothing new.  I had even found one that sold Black Toner refill kits.  But this company sold it all.  Ink, or Toner.  Black or Colors.

The other company I found that does toner refills has you “cut” a hole into the cartridge to refill it through.  On talking with Tony at TonerKits he got me to understand that making that hole is about as logical as cutting a hole in your car, just to put gas in.  He explained that all cartridges have a way to get into them (just like all cars have a gas cap).  You just need to know how or where the opening is.  When you get a refill kit from Tony, you get that information.  In addition to the toner, you get very easy to follow directions.  And no need to cut a hole.

Tony, at TonerKits also got me to understand that there is more to refilling a cartridge then just dumping more toner into it.  Some parts really need to be replaced or “serviced” when you refill the cartridge.  That’s why Tony always gives you the instructions and parts to do the job right.

As I came to understand it, it’s like changing the oil in your car.  You can just change the oil, and call it a done job, but to do it right, you need to replace the oil filter also.  So, all the kits from TonerKits include all the bits and pieces to do the job right.  Along with some easy to follow directions.

How easy?

On getting the kit for the Minolta I had four cartridges to service and refill.  The first one took me about 16 minutes.  By the time I got to number four I had it down.  Number four took me only 5 minutes to do.

So whether you need some ink, or toner, check out Tony’s site at :

Or call him at : 570-457-4693
For being the “complete” solution BizNet gives TonerKits the WOW Award!

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