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By now you should have heard about the latest and nastiest computer virus out there.  “Code Red”.  Now if you are NOT running a computer using “Windows NT” or “Windows 2000”, you will not get “infected” by this virus.

You can still be affected by it.  Some hackers are using other folk’s computers to generate and distribute this virus.  In short, with the ever-growing number of households, and small businesses keeping a computer connected to the web 24-7, hackers are using these private computers to generate attacks.  To prevent this from happening, BizNet urges all our readers to protect their computers with some level of protection by using such programs as Zone Alarm.  Zone Alarm is a free program that can be downloaded from: .  This program will prevent anyone from using your computer over the “Net” without you knowing it.

For complete information on “Code Red, and what to do about it, we are reprinting this press release from Panda Software.


Code Red Worm Poses “Internet Meltdown”

Los Angeles, July 30, 2001

Panda Software is warning users that the Code Red threat is far from over.  In fact, such is the continued threat of this worm, that an unprecedented joint alert has been released by multiple government agencies in conjunction with Microsoft; a press conference was also held this afternoon.  This worm is being touted as a “real and present threat to the Internet”, which, having mutated, “may be even more dangerous.” 

Code Red is a self-propagating worm spread via servers using Windows NT or 2000; it exploits a vulnerability called .ida.  Although a patch for the hole has been available from Microsoft since June 18th, more than 300,000 servers were infected this month alone.  It is thought that system administrators may have let down their guard thinking the threat was over; but the danger lies in the fact that the worm operates on a time clock.  It is anticipated that Code Red will resume infecting unprotected servers on Tuesday, July 31st at around 8:00 pm EDT.

Panda Software is strongly urging customers to download the patch from Microsoft’s website.  “Whether you are infected with Code Red or not, download the patch as soon as possible and apply it to any Microsoft IIS server on your network; rebooting the system will remove the worm”, says Steve Demogines, Director of Technical Support.

The Microsoft patch can be downloaded from the following URL:

While the White House Web site managed to avoid disruption when the worm originally surfaced on July 19th, there is apprehension that further propagation will cause widespread outages interrupting business and personal Internet use for applications such as electronic commerce, e-mail and entertainment.

About the International Independent AV Developer:

Panda Software is a leading International developer of computer security software, specializing in antivirus solutions for large networks.  This service-oriented company has been awarded prizes and quality certifications by the most prestigious organizations in the world.  Its concept of the protection of computer systems as a 24h-365d “Insurance Policy” rather than a mere software product has revolutionized the computer security industry.



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