Enjoy your time while you’re here!
You Won’t Be Here For A Second Term!

Mr. President,

Your country will only take so much, and at the moment you are about to cross the line, many think you already have!

Gas Prices

We operate in Los Angeles, California. You and your friends have been screwing us ever since you took office. Gas prices are ridiculously high here.  We paid $1.76 per gallon for regular yesterday. Today I went to Dallas, Texas and paid $1.14 for regular gas. You might say “well, we have to truck it further from Texas to you in LA”.  BS “Dick Head”; the company that I buy gas from has a refinery 30 miles away from right here in Los Angeles. Then I drive out into the high desert of southern California and the gas price is still $.15 less than we are paying in Los Angeles County, when it is usually $.20 higher. Now you try to justify why you and your friends are raping us. “Because You Can?”

Electricity In California

Wow, what another hose job on you and your friends’ part. How is it possible, with all of the power plants in California, that we pay 7 times more for power than anywhere else in the nation? You and your friends have screwed us so badly that businesses are going out of business as fast as they were just before the depression.

Guess what moron, no business means no jobs which means no pay checks which mean no one can pay their bills which means even more businesses are going to go under.

Here comes another depression! And it is coming.

As for you and your friends south of the border...

Who do you think you’re kidding? Not the people that you call your countrymen. Why in the hell do you give your weekly radio address in Spanish when ENGLISH is our country’s language? If your friends south of the border hear your address in their own language they will think it is O.K. not to bother to learn our language, and don’t give the American people that crap that they will! They won’t!

Giving amnesty to 3.000,000 illegal aliens is a total joke! All this will do is send the message “Come On Lets Head For The Good Old USA, the idiot is giving us free citizenship”. The borders are already being flooded and this will cause the dam to break again. You FOOL!

As for your vice president Dick Cheney

I figured he would keep you out of trouble being that he kicked Iraq’s ass in the Gulf War, but I was wrong, What a woosie. I can’t believe you are just sitting back and watching this moron destroy this country single handedly! DO SOMETHING… ANYTHING!

Before you know it California, Arizona, New Mexico, and your favorite place Texas, will be bought by Mexico. How is this going to happen you ask? When you bankrupt all of these states I will be able to buy them for my paycheck, Which Ain’t Much Anymore.

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