But, They’re Too Stupid To Know!
Let's Pet The Wild Bear

Boy there is a whole lot of dumb going around. 

Lets look at some making the news:

This week in Los Angeles, a woman doing community service time was bitten by a Bear.  She was with a group having an outdoor lunch. A bear started coming into the area.  The person in charge told everyone to go inside and stay inside til after the Bear left.  The woman decided to go outside and finish her lunch even though the Bear was still right outside.  The Bear walked up and gave her a sniff, then bit her!

Lets talk about dumb.  First she is told not to go outside because of the Bear....  She goes outside...  The Bear just walked up to her...  She just sat there...  Unfortunately they had to shoot the Bear... Too bad. They should have shot the stupid person....

In Australia they are enacting emergency legislation.  Why?  Because, ready for this....  A big dead gray whale is floating off shore.  Great White Sharks (can you say “JAWS”) are feeding on it.  In an almost constant feeding frenzy.  Tourists are going out by boat to look at it.  Some are then getting out of the boat and standing on the whale carcass as the sharks tear at it.  Oh, it gets better... Or would that be dumber????  Some are reaching into the water and rubbing the sharks on their heads as they tear at the whales flesh!!!!!! 

Hey this is all true!!!!!!

So, Australia is outlawing it.

I say what’s the point.

If folks are too stupid to understand “Don’t play with wild Sharks or Bears”... Because they will kill you... What makes anyone believe they will understand “Don’t play with wild Sharks or Bears” because it’s against the law?????????

Now with stupid folks in mind, make all the laws you want about talking on a Cell Phone and driving... But Stupid is stupid and some folks are just too stupid for their own good.

Personally I say we let them play with the Sharks and Bears.  It will result in a lot fewer stupid folks.  Just one thing.  Lets not kill the Sharks or Bears just because they had an encounter with a stupid person.

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