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Lets get the important stuff out of the way.  First of all, all of the following is personal opinion and not the opinion of BizNet Online Magazine.


The Artists responsible for the music work hard for their money and deserve to be paid for their creations.

That said, lets talk about the realities of the world and human nature.

When people get mad at a company they don’t care about the employees.  In this case the company is the big “record” labels and the employees are the Artists.

The record industry has been making a killing off of us for years.  Not just a profit but also a killing.  Hay it’s O.K. to make a profit but people don’t like it when they feel like their being screwed with no way out other then to take it or leave it.  What does this have to do with the recording industry?

Just this.

Do you know what it actually costs to make a CD in quantity? We do! In a mass production of say 10,000 CD’s, each CD costs, including burning, packaging and shipping, $.92! At the same time a cassette will cost $1.25. So why are CD’s $14.00 - $24.00 each and cassettes are less than $10.00 each?

When I was a kid I used my Reel-to-Reel tape recorder to copy my favorite songs from the radio.  As I got older and the technology changed I used my caset tape to copy records.  I hated having my cassette tapes eaten in the car player so I would get records and record tapes to play in the car.  Sometimes I would record tapes from records I obtained from the library.  Also my friends and I would swap tapes.  When I worked in a record store I would take the demo records home and tape them… But if I really liked something I would just buy the record.  Some times after “swapping” a tape I found a new band I liked.  That would result in buying a record or two.  Why would I buy the stuff I really liked verses just using a tape?  Quality.

Then came the Digital age. 

Every thing was the same... Almost…Instead of records I would buy CD’s.. Just less of them as they where much more expensive then records or tapes.

When recordable CD’s hit the market there was no point in “burning” your own music.  A blank CD was $10.00 to $12.00.  So paying $15.00 for one from the store made a lot of sense and the price was understandable.

But now things have changed.

A CD burner will set me back as little as $150.00 and blank CD’s can be had for $0.30 each.  The Digital sound is as good as store bought.  So will someone tell me why a CD at the store still runs at  upwards of $10.00 on sale!

What is the record industry thinking, why spend $14.00 - $24.00 dollars to buy 1 song when there is “Napster” and I can make a CD with the same quality sound? If we want the entire CD we will spend the money (not willingly) now that we know what they cost to make, but we have and will buy it (we would prefer to burn our own and save)!

We think, “Napster” is one of the greatest things to come down the pipe in a long time!

We only heard about Napster and started using it after all of the hype started. We are proud to say that we use Napster daily and just love it!  We play a lot of “background” music at the office.  Napster is like having a DJ that only plays what we like.

As you well know “Napster” is not the only site out their doing this. It is just the current one under fire.

So why fight this thing out in court?  Napster is looking for a way to make money of their site.  The recording Artist want to be paid for their work.  The public is sick of the prices of CDs and tired of having to buy a CD with a bunch of crappy songs on it just to get the ones we like.

Lets work at a Win Win…  Let Napster and the recording Industry work together.  People could have accounts and just pay for the music they down load. Lets say $.50 per song downloaded, and let the end user make their own copies of the CDs with whatever songs they want! Than the record industry, the artists that create the music and people using sites like “Napster” would be happy! Imagine a CD with only the songs that you really want, for only $6.00! Now that’s a good deal for everyone!

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