Home Savings
What Have You Done To Us


When you buy up a Great Bank, why does your service go to crap?

As banks go, it’s hard enough to find a bank that makes you feel comfortable work with. In the world of business mergers and bank takeovers, why is it that the consumer gets screwed?

It's time to take a stand before every other bank gets gobbled up and service goes completely down the drain! Is it time to put a safe and a BIG gun in my home and blow off banks completely? It maybe coming to that!

As we sit in a Washington Mutual Office we see 5 people who were Home Savings Customers " dismayed and confused for many reasons, all they can say is "Home Savings What have you done to us? Washington Mutual SUCKS.

A Small sample of the confussion it took us 2 days to find this charge and balance out

Washington Mutual Bank, FA

Line of Credit Payments

P.O. Box 30159

Los Angeles, CA 90030-0159

To whom it may concern,

I am a customer from Home Savings of America. I was unaware that the overdraft line of credit bill would be included in my statement; shouldn’t the two be sent separately, with the bill actually stating that it is a bill and the statement stating that it is a statement. I was under the impression that the checking account statement was just that (It says it clearly at the top in Bold Letters Statement of Account), so, I did not look at it until I had extra time to do so. When I discovered it was, also, a bill (I actually had to read it several times to discover it was a bill, it is written so confusingly), it was already past the due date. I am sending you the amount due minus the sum you already deducted from my account ($13.55), which equals the amount borrowed (139.78) plus the interest assessed (.72) - totaling $140.50. I would appreciate that no further charges occur concerning this matter. I truly appreciate any assistance you can extend to me in this situation.



A long time customer of Home Saving Of America

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