Norton, you saved my sanity and my friendships!

Here at BizNet Magazine, part of my job is to look at products and review them. Some time back the nice folks over at Semantics sent me some of their more interesting products. In fact, they sent me a box full of stuff like Norton Utilities, Norton Uninstaller, Norton Crash Guard Deluxe, and Norton AntiVirus.

Normally before telling you to go out and buy the stuff, I actually use it. If I like it and it works I tell you how it will make your day a little better and that, yes, it is worth the investment.

But in this case I never got to personally use any of the products. So, what am I going to tell you about buying them? Well let me tell you the story behind it all.

Like all of you I have friends and family that call me with their computer problems. I also sometimes get these calls when I really do not have the time to deal with them, and well I got weak. I gave into temptation and gave away the stuff to get people to leave me alone. No, they did not call begging and pleading for free stuff....

The dear family member who never fails to lock up his computer got a copy of Crash Guard Deluxe.

The best friend who is knowledgeable about his system but still calls when it goes kaboom, got Norton Utilities.

My business partner whose mom will surf the net and download anything, got Norton AntiVirus.

And lastly, another family member who loads everything she can get onto her machine only to discover she does not like it and can’t uninstall it, got Norton Uninstaller.

Now, I don’t want you to think I was thinking "gee, this will make a nice gift". What happened is, I have been extremely busy. The phone rings, its another cry for help. Again I take the time to either walk them though the fix, or I spend hours in person fixing their machines AGAIN! This time I got weak. There I was ready to let them have it. Not again, didn’t I just get you back up and running. I could let them have it (yelling and screaming) or I could let them have it (here put this software on your system and use it). So, I took the easy way out and gave out the software.

So now its time to do the review and let you know what I think, But I don’t have any copies left, and have not personally used them. So now what do I do...

I know. I tell you to go out and buy the stuff! Look my phone has stopped ringing. No more: "Oh God, I don’t know what mom downloaded" phone calls. No more calls of "I can’t get my system to run or "I tried to uninstall this program and now nothing runs", and so on. So if you get calls like the above, save your sanity and buy these people a copy of the appropriate Norton software. Or better yet, if you’re the type that keeps calling a friend to help you put your system back together, then save the friendship and check out Norton’s product line at:

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