Dear Ann Landers :
Hello for 8-98
By: Mike Lipshultz

10-10-321 What’s The Deal With The Extra 10?

Have you seen the ads for that long distance carrier 10-321? Have you noticed that it’s now 10-10-321? Or MCI’s 10-222 is now 10-10-222. What’s up with the extra 10? Believe it or not the nation is running out of five digit code numbers for long distance carriers. The access code you need to dial to get to the long distance carrier of your choice is going from five digits to seven.

Just as the growth in telephony has resulted in the need to add area codes, to get more telephone numbers, the huge amount of players in the long distance game has used up all the available five digits codes. So now it’s a seven digit code. If you do not have the new seven digit code for your long distance carrier, then call and get it now.

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