At The Water Cooler.
By: Mike Lipshultz

You ever have one of those days.

You know misstake after misstake , oops, I mean Mistake, no, wait it’s, I mean, Oh Look. There is this software called Undo It. It lets you undo the normally undoable, or something like that... It’s been one of those days. Check it out at

Chill out!

A company called KryoTech builds a refrigeration unit for your computer. This lets you run a 300 MHz AMD K6 at 400 MHz without a meltdown. You can also push your 600 MHz Alpha chip to 700 MHz. Hey, and it only ads a cool $5,000.00 to the cost of the system.

BlueTooth. No its not an x-rated toothpaste, its the code name of a new standard being worked out to get notebooks, PDA’s, Cell Phones, etc., to communicate with each other using the 2.45 Ghz ISM radio frequency. You can expect to be hearing more from 3-Com, Motorola, Casio, Lucent, and others.

Who? Where?

If you haven’t heard, there is another search service on the net.

This service reports it can even find you an apartment for rent or a new car, or just a long lost friend. Check it out.

Who is that web site? Ever wonder who is the registered owner of a web site? Find out at

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