The Frustration Is Finally Coming To An End.

The new Duracell Ultra Battery Smokes The Competition

There is nothing more frustrating than using your digital camera with fresh batteries, and they die before you can get them downloaded into your computer.

As we all know, these new digital cameras just suck the life out of AA batteries. But the funny thing is that after being used in your camera, and you think that they are dead! you can drop them into your Walkman and they will work for months!

These new Hi-Tech products will only work at the battery peak power. So they only last for about 20 minutes. Not the case with the new Duracell Ultra Battery!

We dropped the new Duracell Ultra Battery into our most battery-killing piece of equipment, our $299.00 digital camera, with our standard running time of 20 minutes of continuous use. We put it to the test. We took the camera to a poorly lit room where we had to use the flash for every shot.

Our camera holds 80 standard images or 20 high quality images, so we started with 80 standard images, with a couple of seconds in between each photo leaving the camera on at all times, and then downloaded them into the computer. No problems.

Then we went to the next step. Using the same conditions as above, we took 20 high quality images. No Problems.

Downloading 20 high quality images into your computer usually kills the batteries! The batteries took 18 of the 20 images without going under half power; after downloading the other 2 images, the battery was 25% of full power. But it did the job, and did it well.

100 Images taken and downloaded with only 4 AA Batteries!

The entire test lasted only 54 minutes using only 4 batteries, as opposed to using 12 of the competition’s batteries.

In conclusion, if you are buying batteries you have got to give these a try. If Duracell can do this for your little digital camera, you’ve got to wonder what they are doing for your laptop.

Equipment Used In The Test:

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