Green Means Go.
If you think you know how to drive, please read this.

O.K., do I really have to tell you that a green light means go..... 

Then why am I writing this?

It is because in my travels I see one type of green light that seems to baffle folks.  A left turn lane that can go on both the green left arrow and the "traditional" green light for straight ahead traffic.

Say again?

Easy, Green arrow, go you have the right away.  Green light, you can go, but you must yield to oncoming traffic.  Gee just like turning left at any green light.  In fact those intersections that allow a left turn on both a green arrow and a green light have a sign up that states, "Left lane must yield on green light".  This does not mean stop you can't go.  Or don't enter the intersection.  It means on a green arrow you have the light.  On a green light, act like you are at any other green light and go when it is safe to do so.

Lets recap. When you get the green arrow, go. You have the right of way.

On the green light, with oncoming traffic, most folks seem lost.  Look it is just like turning left at any light.  You enter the intersection buy pulling into it.  You then stop in the intersection.  You then proceed when it is safe to do so.  It is as easy as it can be.

But most folks just don't seem to get it.  They see the green light.  They don't move.  They keep their car completely behind the limit line.  They never enter the intersection.   Then when the light turns red, they go though and make the turn!

Not only does this keep the 2 to 4 cars per light that it was designed for, from getting though the light, but technically the guy who sat till the light changed, ran a red light.

So, come on folks.  Learn to drive, before your insurance rates go up!

It really is not rocket science.  It's basic traffic safety.

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