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Midland Shows How To Get That Range

Here at BizNet we have played with a lot of those “Family Band” radios and their bigger brothers the “GSM” radios.

Just as we thought there were no more surprises to be had, along comes Midland Radio ( ), with their model G-30 .  Now on first look we were very skeptical of these full 2-watt GSM radios.  They are very small and lightweight.  We frankly were not expecting much.

Boy, were we wrong!  These little guys worked great.  The built in rechargeable batteries are a real plus.  But the kicker, or the “Ace In The Hole”, that Midland had was how easy these units connect to their A-130 magnetic mount antenna.  The A-130 gives these units a gain of 3db (this increases the radio signal) and that gave the G-30’s the best range of any “Family Band” or “GSM” radios were have seen to date.  With the Magnetic mount the A-130 antenna easily temporarily connects to any car.  And just as easily disconnects.

If you are looking for a little radio with a lot of kick to it, check out the G-30 with the optional A-130 antenna.  We think you will be happy.

Out of all the “GSM” radios we have around here, the G-30’s have become our choice when we need that extra range.  With this in mind we are proud to present Midland and the G-30 our Editors Choice Award!

Editors Choice?  Simply put, we the Editors at BizNet OnLine Magazine, give the Editors Choice Award to any product that we personally would choice use over the other products in the same category.  It is what we consider to be the “Best Of The Best”.

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