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By Sharon Wolfe, QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisor


Multi-User Mode System Performance:

Do you find that the speed of QuickBooks is compromised when you have more than one user accessing the software? If so, review the following list of potential causes:

·         The company data file size is greater than 20 megabytes.

·         There are three or more users working in a specific area, such as accounts receivable (A/R) or accounts payable (A/P), at the same time.

·         Building large reports such as transaction reports in data files with a large number of targets (greater than 32,000 targets). A target is anywhere in QuickBooks that information from a transaction is sent to, such as different accounts.

·         The data file is located on a slow computer.

·         The Audit Trail feature is turned on.

·         The Network Interface Card (NIC) in your computer may be slow or defective.

If any of these situations apply to you, rectify them and see if your performance is improved. We recommend that the company data file is located on the fastest computer on your network for the best performance.

Access additional information on this topic by following these steps:

1.     From the QuickBooks Help menu, choose Help Index.

2.     Type performance into the top field on the index tab.

3.     Click Display.

4.     Select Improving Performance in multi-user mode.

5.     Click Display.”

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