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Donít Open That Email!
Itís Really Klez.I

  If you get an E-Mail with no text, just an attachment, Do Not Open It!


If your E-Mail program tries to, or starts to download a file or program, Stop it!.  If you need to, turn your computer off, or hit Control, Alt, Delete.

Or better yet, get a good Anti-Virus Program for your computer.

Check out Panda, Or F-Secure.

In the past week I have received hundreds of infected E-Mails.  They all are basically the same.  There is a simple subject line containing anything from ďHiĒ, to ďHere is the EI6 Patch You NeedĒ.  They all have no text, just an attached file.  A file that is really a virus, and itís hitting the world real hard right now.  And it tells me lots of folks and big companies are sloppy about computer virus security.

Now you can read on and get more info, or do what you really need to do.  Get an Anti-Virus program and Use It.

More Info:

The good folks at F-Secure put it this way

ď The e-mails sent by Klez can have a wide variety of different subject fields such as:


The message has no text in body and the attachment name is random.Ē

More information:

To get news alerts sent to you on the latest Virus threats try the Panda News Letter:

The fix for Internet Explorer:

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