10-4 Good Buddy
CB Is Not Dead.  It’s Traveling Down The Road

  Everything old is new again, or in some cases it just won’t die.

Such is the case with CB Radio.  With the exception of those 18 wheelers most folks have forgotten about the value of a “good old” CB Radio.

With the rest of the folks leaving CB behind, why are those professional truck drivers hanging on?  What could they be using them for?  After all they have AM/FM radios, GPS Mapping systems, Satellite Radio, Cell Phones, and more.  What could they possibly see in the value of a CB Radio?

They see and know what most of us have forgotten.

On long drives a CB radio is a good companion.  If you are driving alone and need to have a friend to talk to, to help “wake-up” the brain, your CB is the doorway to all the other folks on the road.

Not just mindless Chit-Chat.  Now to me, the real value of a CB Radio is news and information I can use. And I can’t get elsewhere.

Most truckers keep their radios to channel 19.  By monitoring it you can find out about road closures, speed traps, traffic jams, etc.  You can also ask for help or information.  Don’t know the area?  Need to find a gas station?  A place to eat?  With a CB Radio you can ask the folks that drive that road you are on, on a daily basis.

Not long ago I was going down Interstate 40, when traffic came to a stand still. What was it?  How long was I going to be stuck?  All I could see in front of me was a very long line of cars going nowhere.  Thanks to my CB, I found out it was a Road closure due to construction but we would be up and running in about five minutes.  So, five minutes later traffic was back up and moving.  I’m glad I was not one of those folks that turned around to try the long way around.

Oh, the local traffic channel on the “car” radio.  Not a word about it.  So check out a CB Set.  Or stay tuned as we take a look at some from Cobra and Midland.

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