Your Wireless Phone Can Make You A Hero Or A Zero?
See that Cell Phone in your hand.  Did you know it can make you a hero?

See that Cell Phone in your hand.  Did you know it can make you a hero?  Yep, a hero.  That’s if you use it right.  If you use it wrong.  It will make you a zero.

Lets look at an example of using it right.  In this example we will use the actions of a Mr. A. David Keith.  A true cell phone hero.  In fact Mr. Keith has been recognized by the VITA Wireless Samaritan Awards as such.  So just what did he do?  Lets take a look:

Mr. Keith, of New Jersey, was out one night when he saw a van swerving on the road.  He also noticed that each time it stopped at a light, the passenger door flew open, and a woman’s kicking leg would stick out. Then the driver abruptly shut the van’s door.

Now like most of us this made Keith a little suspicious.  Mr. Keith an OnStar user pressed an emergency button in his car. OnStar was able to pinpoint his location, using Global Position System and notified police. As a direct result the police arrested the van’s driver, a convicted felon with outstanding warrants, and freed the woman who had been kidnapped all within five minutes.

Is this likely in the real world.  Yes.  It can happen to anyone.  About 8 years ago, a car cut me off with two teenagers in it.  As they cut me off, they tossed a couple of beer cans at my car.

So, I called the cops.  Long story short.  Car was stolen only five minutes before I called.  Kids got caught.

I should point out it was a good thing I took the action of using my cell phone and not confronting these kids.

So please, if you see something that is very wrong report it.  Also do not try to take direct action on your own.

Now for the “zero” part.

Using your cell phone just because you have it.  Hey use your brain.  The world does not revolve around you.  Do not use your cell phone to “chit-chat” when:

At the movies

In a class or lecture

In the Library

At a “live” performance

When you are in line and the clerk (and everyone else in line) is waiting for you to get off the phone so you can be served.

In other words, Stop Being An Idiot!

Also if you see that big accident, or other emergency, and if you see a million other folks reporting it on their cell phones.... Please don’t call it in.  Another call will only hurt not help.

So it’s up to you.  Are you going to be a hero or a zero?

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