Testing The 2COOLPC Cooling Fan System
This product is totally cool.  Truly A Better Mouse Trap

Two Cool!

Here at BizNet we have tested lots of stuff. Some of it was pretty cool, but this product is totally cool.  Itís the 2COOLPC.  When you first look at the 2COOLPC you think, so itís just a fan.  A fan in a strange plastic housing.  But in reality, itís the fact that the fan is in this plastic housing that makes this a great product.

Now there is no shortage of high quality cooling fans on the market.  So, why do we need another one?  Because there is no shortage of computer systems running 2, 3 or 4 or more fans and still running hot!

Why?  Because all those fans do is move the air around inside the computer case.  They donít exhaust hot air and bring cool air in.  Think of it this way.  On a hot day try using fans to cool your house.  It works pretty good.  The fans move the air though your house.  Cool outside air comes in.  Warm inside air goes out.  Now close all your doors and windows.  Now you have a hot house with fans blowing warm air.

That is where the 2COOLPC is different.  The plastic housing makes the difference.  Just power off your PC, open your PC case, place the unit inside, plug it in, close the case, and youíre done.  You have a unit that not only moves the air in your PC, it exchanges the hot inside air with the cool outside air!

Not only does this unit work better then having an army of fans inside your PC, it runs very quiet.  That clear plastic is an acoustic quality cover that dampens the small amount of noise the fan makes.

So keep it cool and check out the 2COOLPC at:


For being right on target and for being the right thing to keep your PC cool, we give the 2COOLPC the WOW Award!

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