Your Attention Please.

Your Attention Please.

This Is A Stolen Item And The World Now Knows It!

Now If We Could Only Do This With Everything

The British have come up with a great way to recover stolen Cell phones and to make them worthless to the thieves.  When a Cell phone is reported stolen, law enforcement “bombards” the phone with a simple short text message “The phone you are using is stolen, return it to the police.”  Totally cool. 

Makes it very hard for the thief to sell the phone.  The person caught with it cannot claim they did not know it was stolen.

I think every law enforcement agency should do this with every text-enabled device.

Now this gets me thinking about the fact that one day everything is supposed to be connected to the net.

Steal a car, and it will start flashing a sign to call the cops as it’s stolen.

Can you imagine trying to use a stolen laptop that will only display the message “This is a stolen computer”.

Turn on that stolen TV and you can only watch a program called “This is a stolen TV”...

There is no doubt that the future of wireless devices is going to lead to some strange things becoming text enabled, but boy will it cut down on stuff getting stolen!

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