QuickBooks Corner Tips & News about QuickBooks
By Sharon Wolfe, QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisor

QuickTip of the Month:

I am often asked how to get a report summarizing payments made during each day. Such a report would help monitor cash flow. To create a custom report in QuickBooks to show this information:

1)      Start with a Custom Transaction Detail Report, select an appropriate date range.

2)      Customize the report and remove the Balance column.

3)      Filter the report for: Transaction Type: Selected Transaction Types, and include Checks, Bill Payments, Sales Tax Payments, Paychecks, and Payroll Liability Checks.

4)      Filter for Account Type: Selected Accounts, and select your checking accounts.

5)      Change the Report Date to "Today"

You now have a report with all payments you've made today with a total.
Hint: You can also sort this report by transaction date, or check #.

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