If A Bad Law Is A Good Idea, Then This Is Pure Genius!

  (Sing The Following To The Tune Of “New York, New York”) 

New York, New York, We’re Leaving Our Brains Behind…..


So, you still think that this New York cell phone ban is a good thing?  Then you’re going to love this.

Why drive and talk, when you can just grab a bottle and get sh#$% faced behind the wheel.  Now I’m not saying anyone should drink and drive, but according to the New York bill’s author Felix Ortiz, the Brooklyn assemblyman who wrote the bill, he says he will push for a law that prohibits even hands-free cellular systems in the car.  He is also promoting a bill that prosecutes offenders of the no-cell-phone rule as if they had been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lets all sing it:

New York, New York, ain’t got no brains today……..

Hi, My name is Mike and I’m an alcoholic… err... I mean a Cell Phone User…..

Get real.  No hands free phones!  What about those deadly car radio’s?  I can guarantee that there is much more documented information on deadly car accidents from someone playing with the car radio than from cell phone related incidents.

Hey, why not put the effort into getting all those rolling wrecks of cars that we all see on the road, off the road.  You know.  The ones with parts that are half on and half off.  Or have more rusted areas than not.

The same as driving under the influence?  Are you insane?  Hey, look at my driving record.  I get hit by really bad drivers more then any other person I know.  I hate bad drivers… But it’s bad driving, not the damn cell phones, you techno phob.  Techno phob.  Hey, check out this guys web page on the Assembly server at:


You will see that this guy has no E-Mail address.  If you check out some other members of the assembly you will see that they have E-Mail address:





We Fear What We Don’t Understand!  And I fear this guy and folks like him.  Rather then take the time to educate themselves, or to open their minds, they act like narrow minded twits.  Hey, if that’s they way they want to live their life fine with me, just don’t do it while you’re leading this country.

As a LEADER it is your job to LEAD this country.  Not pander to the unwanted fears of those that don’t understand something, just to get press coverage.

If you can’t do your job right, quit, go home, and hide under your bed!

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