Monkey See Monkey Do.
Yep, This Is Our Government At Work.

By now you know how we here at BizNet feel about the New York Law on cell phones.  But if you think that’s stupid government at work, then hold on to your hat.

If them folks in New York City Can Do It, So Can We.

At least this seems to be the thinking (or lack of it) in New Mexico.  You guessed it.  New Mexico has just passed a similar law.

To be precise, it’s those fine folks in Santa Fe.  You can check out the full story in the Albuquerque Journal ( ).

Santa Fe’s City Council voted 6-1 to make talking and driving against the law.  So what does the 6 to 1 vote mean?  It means that the one nay vote shows that Councilor Patti Bushee has a brain. I can’t say that for the rest of the Counsel.  So if you’re a Santa Fe reader give Patti a call and say way to go!

For the rest they think that it was a good idea.  In the words of Councilor Miguel Chavez, lead sponsor of the measure, “ constituents asked for it”.  Hey, Miguel, if they asked you to jump off the roof would you do that to?

So just how moving was the “public” comments and demands for the need for this truly great law?  You tell me.  One person came out to urge support for it.  Yah, that’s ONE…. Oh, but that’s much more important then the folks that came out to talk against it.  Like the half dozen that came out to talk against it.  Got to love Santa Fe math.  One for 6 against… Lets do it!

Now, the law does exempt two way radios…..  Hey I don’t know about you, but if
I get a ticket I’ll just point out the fact that a cell phone is really a duplexing, two-way radio, that just has the look and feel of a telephone, but is REALLY A RADIO!!!!!

Hey get this. As the proposal was currently drafted, violators could face 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.  For talking on a Cell Phone when driving.  That’s more then you get for running a red light. More then running a red light???  That must mean that the risk to life and limb from running a red light is much less than “talking on a cell phone”!

Hey, it gets even more amusing.  “The prohibition also was supported by local police officials, although the city had no specific figures for cell phone-related accidents”.  Let’s get this straight.  We believe that there is a problem.  We have absolutely no data on it…. So, we are making it a crime, with a punishment stronger than almost all the other moving violations you can be cited for…..

Wait, the fun never stops!

“We have had problems,” Chief John Denko said, noting holding a cellular telephone while driving creates a blind spot. “We’ve actually had some people admit that.”

Hey, Chief, I’ll admit that the rims around my prescription glasses that I need to see the road create a “blind spot” around the edges of the lenses.  Oh, Oh, you know now that I think about it, my door creates a big blind spot.  So does the roof of my car.  Hey, my convertible had much less blind spots.  Lets outlaw hard tops.  Why not?  After all it’s bright and sunny in New Mexico in the summer, and in the Winter folks really should not be driving on those icy roads.  Oh, Oh, Oh, we need to outlaw driving on icy roads… I don’t have any data on it, but we all know folks get into accidents……

Owh! I just got a paper cut.  Yah! Lets outlaw paper……

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