If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Cliff, Would You Do It?

Or Maybe We Should Have Our Law Makers Talk To Their Moms!

If itís OK for New York, then itís got to be good.  Legislators in the following states are considering similar bills:

What can I say?  Public education is a disaster.  It must be.  After all, look at the states that are being governed by lemmings.

Am I the only one that grew up hearing my mother tell me ďIf all your friends jumped of a cliff would you?Ē

Look, it sounded stupid when you were a kid and itís still stupid.  Just because everyone else is doing it is a really stupid reason to do it also.  Hey, you elected officials, where is you mother!  You really need a good talking to!

Once again, Iím not the only one that is wondering if mass hysteria has taken over our elected officials.  Check out what the other folks are saying:


Cincinnati Enquirer



SF Gate

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Cell phones = Good

Stupid People = Bad

We already have laws against bad driving.  Donít spend money on almost impossible to enforce laws.  Spend it on educating people to just be better drivers, and pay attention to the road, and the other cars around them.

Let your elected official know that folks who pass stupid laws donít get re-elected.

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