A Message To The Big Apple
Is There A Worm In Your Brain?
It’s Not The Cell Phone, It’s The Moron Driving The Car!

Hey, New York, ain’t youse guys got no brains?  It’s not the cell phone; it’s dem guy’s driving da ca-ar.

If you’re a regular reader of BizNet you have seen our ranting and raving about “it’s the drivers, not the phones”…etc….

In fact, I saw a reminder of that today.  Some total brain-dead driver (got his license in a box of cracker jacks) almost hit me on the freeway, no less than 3 times.  Cars all-round this guy were making emergency maneuvers to avoid him.

If this guy wanted to make a lane change he did.  No turning his head.  No turn indicator.  No using the mirrors.  No looking.  Just turn the wheel and over he would go.

So, was this a person that needed his cell phone taken away from him?  No.  He did not have one.  No phone in his hand.  No cell phone antenna on the car.  No ear “bud” and wire to be seen.  Just a really bad driver talking his head off with the folks in his car, as he ran everyone off the road.

Now think about it.  We see really bad drivers every day.  No cell phone in the car, just a bad driver.  So, please tell me why when you give folks like this a phone, we no longer blame them, but the phone???????

I’m not the only one that feels this way.

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What does the Cellular Industry and folks in the know think?

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