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   Every now and then you see a new product and think…. Gee this is obvious…. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner????

            A company called GBC has just come out with a new product that fits this description.  It is a very simple and easy to use presentation kit.  Just because the kit is simply and easy, your presentation will not make your company look simple.  Your presentation, or at least the binder it is in will look great.

            This kit is as straight forward as it gets.

The “kit” comes with 50 blank pages and two clear front covers and two heavy duty back covers.  With one “kit” you can do two presentation folders.  The key to this “kit” is a unique plastic binder strip.  The strip comes in the open position.  After you have printed your kit and put it together, you insert the plastic binding into the pre-punched holes, then “Zip’ it shut.

            Zip it shut????  Zip is my description of how it works.  Like I said the binding strip comes in the open position.  To close it, you just place a clip like “thingy” over the top of the binding, then run it down to the bottom. As you go, the binding locks shut.  To me it’s just like closing a zipper.

            From what I understand there is only one thing wrong with this product.  It is so new that it is hard to find.  I do understand that it is in some Office Depot Stores.  Even in the stores that do have it, it can be hard to find.  Some place it in the ‘Binding” section.  Others place it in the “report and covers” section.

            No matter were they put it, this item is just the ticket to make your short run reports or presentations look great, without the need to have the binding done at the locale copy shop.  Next time your in your locale stationary store. or office supply place, ask if they have any.

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BizNet Online gives the Winner Award to GBC and the ProClick for making any business look like a Winner. 

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