Is It Mail Yet????

Here is a neat little product called “Mailbox Alert” 


Last month BizNet Online told you about Design Tech’s Remote Thermometer.  Well these guys make lots of other neat products.  So this month we take a look at another one. 

            Design Tech also makes a neat little product called “Mailbox Alert”  This is a devise that like the Thermometer we reviewed is also wireless.  The unit consists of two parts.  A transmitter that goes into your Mailbox and a receiver that you place in your home or office.

            When the mail box is opened, the receiver sets of an addible alert and a light comes on.  Letting you know that “you have mail”

The unit is extremely easy to use.  Put the included battery into the transmitter.  Stick the transmitter onto the mailbox door with the included double sided tape.  Set up the receiver by plugging in the included power transformer.  Adjust the settings for the range needed and your done.

            So who or why would you even need this thing.  You tell me.  Have you every gone out to check your mail only to find out it has not arrived?  Ever tell a client “ I’ll check the mail as soon as it arrives and let you know”?  Ever been stuck waiting for the mail to come to see if that check arrived?  If the answer to any of these questions was yes, then you know why someone would need or want one.  Add some bad weather into the mix, and you have even more reasons not to make extra trips to the mail box, just to see if you have mail.

            I only have one complaint about this unit.  It will not work on all mailboxes.  This unit is designed to work on mailboxes that have doors that open down.  If you have a mailbox that uses a slot, or a door that opens to the side, your out of luck.  Of course you can always just change your mailbox.

So check out this unit at :          


BizNet Online Magazine gives the On Target Award to Design Tech’s Mailbox Alert for being the perfect answer to that age old question : Is the mail here yet?

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