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Faster, faster, faster lets go faster for free..........

In Windows 95 there is this thing called MTU . I don’t know what it is nor do I care, I only know that by changing it you can increase your Internet speed. That is the speed at which web pages download. This change affects your registry file so if you’re not comfortable in making changes to your registry file show this to someone who can help you, because I don’t want to hear from anyone about a messed up computer. I know this works because I did it on my computer. To get information on changing your MTU surf on over to :

Another good site for MTU is : This site has an easy to use and fast to download program called PPP-Boost that will do all the resetting for you. Check it out.

Open Sesame! Open, open, open....Please!

If you’re like me you get all kinds of E-Mail with all kinds of attachments. Attachments that look like this when you open them : ndt3u23578235jkdgr89w354uhdgouiyw3ruytdkghjouitehtiuhecfouiey5ihje4uyegrpiokhegrhuigfjhugrshuggugghiguiq

In other words they are unreadable. Relax, there is an answer. A great company called Datavuz ( ) has three great products that will open almost any file format. So check out their web site for information on opening files with MacLinkPlus Conversions Plus MacOpener e-attachment Opener.

Ouch! I think I hurt myself.

For information on Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Motion Injury check out :

Who is that web site? Ever wonder who is the registered owner of a web site? Find out at

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