Static, Static Everywhere And Not A Sound To Hear?
So, Choke On It!
Hello for 6-2002
By: Mike Lipshultz

Do you have any type of radio equipment in a car, boat, or truck?  If so, do you sometimes get some unwanted engine noise when listening to it?  Or even worse, if the equipment is a two way radio, does the engine noise affect the quality of your transmission. Or is the quality of your sound transmission just really bad or poor?  If the answer to any of this is yes, then you need to choke on it.

Choke on it???

Yes, a choke is an electronic device that takes care of those problems.  It is also very easy to install.  All you do is fit it in between the radio and the battery, on the + (positive) power wire; the closer to the radio (or amplifier) the better.

A lot of companies make them.  From well known names like Kenwood, to lesser-known names like American International.  Unfortunately not a lot of folks seem to know about these chokes.  You should know that they also go by the name “Radio Noise Filter”.

I have found that a lot of folks confuse these with the “chokes” that are little more then a resistor, and not intended to work for radio equipment.

The sad thing is these units are really cheap.  In fact I found the unit from American International, a 10-watt unit at All Electronics for only $2.50.  At this price, why not just put one on every radio (amp) you have.

Check out All Electronics at:

Check out American International at:

They have a lot of stuff for your stereo radio needs.

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