Clear Advertising Garbage
Sprint Stop The BS

Hey you guys over at Sprint.  Stop the BS.  Come on.  “Pure Digital Sound”.  Tell the truth!

You have a good system, but the sound is no different in the real world then any other Digital Cell Phone System.

With all Digital Systems you get no “static”, but you can and do get impossible-to-understand-as-any-recognizable-language sound.  Yes, even with sprint.

The only advantage of a Digital connection is that the rates are lower.  And the Rates are lower because the service provider can accommodate many times more customers with the resources used by just one analog call.

“Pure Digital Network”... This just means that when Sprint built their system they did not “piggyback” on an old analog system.  It is not a quality of service issue.  It is strictly a logistics and cost issue for the network providers.  It really does not affect the end user’s phone conversation.

As a point of fact, a lot of users prefer an Analog connection.  They just hate the high cost of it.

My cell phone just rang.  It’s digital.  There was a lot of Whats????? going on.  Typical Digital connection in a bad reception area.  With analog you get the what’s??? because of static, when you have a bad connection.  With Digital you get the What’s??? because you can’t understand what the person is saying.  No static, but you just don’t get every word or syllable.  Just for the record, I use AT&T, but I know what all Digital systems are like.

So, Sprint, advertise your rates, or how good your system is built out in some areas, but stop with this perfectly clear BS.

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