Work Place Violence And Relaxation

Without a doubt the work place environment can be a strange and stressful environment.  With more and more companies putting more and more workers into smaller and smaller spaces. And more companies losing “private” offices for the cubical layout. And with the fact that some companies are now getting rid of cubicles and just putting everyone in one big room, it is no wonder that the office stress level is going up and up.

With the ever-increasing “open” office environment more folks are getting stressed out simply because they feel they do not have any private space.  However one last treasured source of privacy still remains.  The bathroom.

More and more office workers are not seeing the bathroom as a place to do bathroom things, but as a place to get some piece and quiet.

Think about it.  Your boss may say “your coffee break is over get back to work” or “ Tell him to put out the cigarette, and get back in here”; but the boss is not going to say “ Stop urinating and get back to work”.  In fact most bosses when asking where a worker is, on hearing “ There in the toilet”, will simply say “ Oh”.

With this in mind some companies that realize the value of a stress free worker, are actually putting rest areas into the bathrooms so workers do not have to hide in the stalls.

Also the bathroom is slowly replacing the Water Cooler as the office gathering spot.  Gather at the Water Cooler and the boss will tell everyone to get back to work.  But few bosses patrol the bathrooms, looking to tell folks to get back to work.

So, what does this tell us?  No, it’s not the fact that our bosses need to start patrolling the head.  It’s that people need to get away from other folks from time to time.  People need to escape that stress for short periods.

So, all you bosses out there do your employees a favor and give them a safe place to hide for short periods.  Trust me, you will get better work from stress free employees.

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