Removable Drives
BizNet Takes The Rover For A Drive

What do you get when a bunch of egghead engineers need a removable drive and canít find one they like?  You get the Rover Personal Hard Drive from Sparc Technologies, Inc.

The story goes like this:

            The engineers over at Sparc, a company that makes all kinds of high tech stuff, needed a way to move data from one computer to another off its computer.  Like from their office to their home.  Now these guys are smart.  So they started to look at all the removable hard drives on the market.  Just one problem.  They could not find one that met all their needs.

So, they made one.  In fact it turned out so good they put it into production. The results of their needs was the birth of the Rover Personal Hard Drive

The Rover Personal Hard Drive comes in three basic models:

The Rover is as easy to install as it gets.  It comes with a floppy drive with the needed drivers, and a USB cable.  Just have your computer on.  Plug in the drive, and load the drivers.  Now that's easy.

The unit also comes with a very nice leather like case.

 If you are not running windows 98, the unit will work on systems down to a 486, running Windows 95 OSR2.5

So how did the BizNet Test Crew find it?  Not much to test really.  I mean we plugged it into our laptop's USB port (running win 95 OSR2.5), loaded the drivers, and we were done.  Same with the desktop system.

We put a bunch of stuff on the drive and moved it from computer to computer.  Everything was easy to use.  And yes, take the drive out of the leather-like case and it will fit in your pocket.

For being so easy to use we give the Rover the Winner Award.

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