Everything Old Is New Again. Even On The Web.
OK, are you ready for the old guy talking about the good old days?

I hate to say it, but as I can remember the days when milk was delivered to your home in glass bottles and the bakery truck came around with fresh bread, etc… I must be an old guy.


Hey, I can even remember when the Doctor came to you!


God I’m sounding old.  So take some advise from an old guy:

Everything Old Is New Again, Even On The Web.


Here we have this super modern ultra computerized worldwide marketing and information source.  The likes of which have never before been seen!  And what are we doing with it.  Ordering groceries that are then delivered to your door.   Gee home delivery of groceries, I thought that went out when I was just a kid!


Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining.  I think home delivery of Groceries is a great thing.  Not only is there a demand for it with people that are just too busy to put up with grocery shopping, but it is a real service to anyone that is a “shut’ in.


I also remember the days of looking though the Sears, or JC Penny’s catalog.  Find what you want or need.  Order it.  Then have it delivered.  Now I don’t have to drag out that big old catalog.  I just look for it on the Net.  Order it.  And it is delivered.


Come to think of it, I remember sitting at the kitchen table as a kid.  Helping my mom put the S&H Green Stamps in the book.  We would get “free” Green Stamps just for buying stuff.  The stamps could then be turned in for free stuff.  Fill up the book, order stuff from the catalog, and it gets delivered.


Now check this out:



Like I said, Everything Old Is New Again…

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