If You Have An E-Mail Enabled Phone, Pager, Or Any Other Device,



Spam, Spam, Spam, We all get it.  We all hate it.  At least it’s limited to our computer.


If you’re not careful you’re going to end up with Spam On Your Phone, Pager and so on.  To understand this, we must first look at how you end up getting Spam in the first place.

You Gave Out Your E-Mail Address.  I hate to say it.  But no matter how careful you are about whom you give your E-Mail address to, it’s going to end up in the hands of a Spammer.


If you have your E-Mail address on your business card, you’re dead meat. If you have your E-Mail address on a web page, you’re dead meat. If you have ever posted to a newsgroup, you’re dead meat. Unfortunately it is all too easy to end up on a Spammers E-Mail list.


Yes, you can even be Spammed if you have never given out your E-Mail address for your Portable device.  A few months ago, AT&T Digital phone subscribers got Spammed until AT&T was able to stop the Spammer.  No one gave out the E-Mail address of the phones.  The Spammer knew that to E-Mail a message to an AT&T phone the address is just the area code and phone number (of the Cell phone) @att…  So the Spammer just generated a mailing to all the numbers possible @ATT….  And bingo!  Spam on your E-Mail enabled phone.


So, please never give out your E-Mail address to anyone.  Keep it a closely guarded secret.  To get E-Mail sent to you, set up an account with a service like Hot Mail.  Then just set up forwarding rules to have the messages sent to your portable device.  If a Spammer gets your Hot Mail address, just shut it down and get a new one.


Remember on most portable devices you get stuck paying a per character fee.  Getting hit by Spam can really cost you.


So, if you already have an E-Mail enabled device, stop reading this article and call your provider and find out their policy on spamming and if it does happen, will they credit your account?

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