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BizNet OnLine takes a look at Design Techís Remote Thermometer


Why would anyone need a remote Thermometer? 

So you donít have to get off your butt and read the thermometer thatís located at the place you want to know the temperature of.  Actually there is more to it than being lazy.  The difference in knowing the temperature of a remote location or not can be a difference of taking action or not.

Donít get it?  Let me put it to you this way.  Letís say you need your computer room to never get over 72į or under 60į.  You can mount a temperature gauge in the room, and hope someone remembers to look at it, or you can use Design Techís Remote Thermometer.  With this remote thermometer you can place the receiver/display almost anyplace you want.  Then at a glance you can see the temperature at the remote location.  The unit also displays the temperature at the location where the display is placed.  Just in case you put the unit in front of you, but you still forget to look at it, it has an Alarm feature.  You can set a high and low temperature to have the unit sound an alarm.


Itís easy to use.  Just place or attach the remote sensor where you want it.  It is completely wireless so there is no hassle to using this thing.  Then you just place the receiver/display where you want it.   The Receiver/Display unit has a mounting notch on the back to mount it, or you can use the built-in stand if you just want to place it on a desk, shelf, or ???.  By using the built-in stand, it is easy to move the unit from room to room.


I have been playing with this unit for about 2 months.  I put the remote transceiver outside on my patio.  Inside I have the Receiver sitting next to the computers in my home office.  So, I know the temperature outside and inside at a glance.  In the past few weeks the weather has been a little wacky.  3 days ago it was in the low 60ís and raining.  Today itís over 100.  On hot days I set my AC at 77į.  But now with the remote thermometer, when I have been running the AC all day, I now know when and if the outside temperature has gone down.  Last night it was still in the 80ís at 11 pm.  So I left the windows closed and the AC on all night.  Two days ago it got up to the 90ís so I put the AC on.  However, at about 7:00pm I saw that the outside temperature was down to about 75į.  So, I turned off the AC and opened my windows.  Without the convenience of this unit I would have run the AC all night.  Not that big of a thing, but over a month of using the AC less, and still keeping my comfort, I have seen a lower electric bill.  So check out this unit at:

BizNet OnLine is proud to presents the A-O.K. Award to Design Techís Remote Thermometer.  It is easy to use, convenient, and works great! Need we say more?

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