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By: Mike Lipshultz

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In past columns we have talked about pagers, both numeric and alphanumeric. Now there is a new player in town. Voice paging. Motorola has a new pager called the "Tenor." This is a voice pager. Think of it as an answering machine that you carry with you. Callers reach your message number and leave a recorded message for you. The system notifies the pager. At a push of the button you can hear up to 30 seconds of the message. If the message is over 30 seconds you have to call into the system by phone to get the full message. Messages can be saved for up to 15 days. If you are in an area where the pager will not function, you can always check your messages by phone. In the Los Angeles area, the Pager is selling for under $100.00 with unlimited service at $20.00 per month.

If you are thinking about getting a pager, or are currently using a numeric pager, and you are in an area serviced by this pager, then this is the pager for you. With pricing as competitive as numeric paging, this service is hard to beat. Personally, I still believe that an answering service and Alphanumeric pager provide the best service, but you’re talking over $100.00 per month for that. If the budget is tight this is your best answer. You get the message now.

You know if it is important or not. You don’t have to return an Alpha page just to find out it was a wrong number. Biznet has yet to test this pager, but we have seen it. The controls are very easy to understand and use. Test pages were received in about 30 seconds. Voice quality was extremely good. Volume is extremely adjustable, from a whisper to the whole room being able to hear. Messages can be replayed, fast-forwarded, saved, or deleted. In the Los Angeles area it is sold under the name "Pocket Talk." The unit is not yet available on a national basis, so check for availability in your area. For more information check out Motorola’s web site :

So, now you have yet another alternative to take care of your paging needs. But what about answering your phone in the first place? I have said it before and I will say it again any business large or small (yes, even a small part-time home-business) should have it’s own incoming business line. One line to receive calls, one line to make calls. If you’re in business, you need two lines at a minimum. The incoming line is the one with the business number printed on your cards, letterhead, in the phone book, etc. It is for incoming calls only. The other line is for everything else: making calls, faxing, Internet connection. The second line is there for you. The first line is there for your customers so they reach you, not a busy signal.

Just because your computer came with a Fax/Modem/Voice mail, all on one line card, does not mean you should do everything on one line. AmNet (American Networking Systems, Inc.) has a line of software and hardware to help you get the most out of your two lines. Their basic system Home Office Voice Mail (you may know it by it’s old name Total E-Call) can give your computer some very fancy big office capabilities Fax and Internet on one line. Voice Mail on another. Up to 40 mailboxes that can forward the messages to any phone, or over the Internet. With this basic system you can dump Voice mail from the phone company and go with your own. The company will be coming out with a unit for two lines and then another for four lines. For more information check out their web site : http://www.americannetwork.com/

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