Mutual Aid.....
It Works For Law Enforcement, And It Can Work For You!

Mutual Aid.

In law enforcement it works as follows:

When one town, or police agency has an event occur that they don’t have the resources to properly cover, neighboring agencies send over officers and equipment to help out.  This gives even the smallest police department the ability to respond to even the biggest of events.

In business it can work as follows:

You get a job in that is too big for your resources, or you have a lot of jobs to do, and you have an equipment failure or manpower shortage.  In any event you need help.  So how do you get it?  Set up a “Mutual Aid Program” for your business.

There are two ways of getting that instant help for your company.

Forming an “alliance” with other companies in the same business as you.


Using “Temp” type employment agencies.

In any event, the time to have a plan in place is before you need it.  So start to make a list of all the things you would need help with.

Then make a list of were you could find that help.

Next start checking out those resources.  Even try them to see how good they are.

After you are done putting it all down on paper, and testing it out, your company will then have a “Mutual Aid” plain to rely on should unexpected trouble come up.

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