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How many of you folks out there change your engine oil?  How many of you folks flush out your cooling system from time to time?

Lets face it.  If you have any care or concerns for keeping our cars running in top condition, we change the oil, and do a radiator flush from time to time.

We all know the benefits of changing that oil.  We get nice clean oil to protect our engine.  As for flushing out the radiator, well, lets face it.  Just darning and filling does not really get all the junk out of it.

If we all know this why am I talking about it?

Because of a company called Bilstein and their system known as the R-2000 Engine Flush.

To put it simply the system takes the idea behind flushing your radiator and applies it to your engine oil.  Now don’t go thinking that they just flush a lot of oil through your engine. This is not a simple you-can-do-it-at-home idea.

To make sure that all the oil and gunk is flushed out of your system the company has designed a very specialized process, and specialized machines.  The process puts pressurized heated cleaning oil in though the drain pan, and out though the oil filter.  The company has specialized adaptors to fit all cars.  The cleaning oil is not only under pressure, but is pulsed though the engine to give a scrubbing action.   The solution is filtered down to 2 microns (your oil filter only goes to 25 microns). 

The whole process ends up with giving you the cleanest engine and engine oil you have ever had.  The benefits are that all those oil condiments are truly removed and not left behind.  Also, all that slug and guck is gone…helping your engine run more cool and efficient.  I would recommend this system as part of your yearly maintenance.

We had it done on one of the BizNet trucks.  I can tell you that after the cleaning, the engine oil was cleaner than it had ever been.  Also the truck simply ran smother.

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