Use A Phone, Blow Up A Car!

It seems like some totally bogus, full of B.S., stories just won’t die.  On the news the other day, there was a report of an unfortunate man that had his car and himself catch fire while pumping gas, due to a “static” electricity spark.  At the end of the story the news reporter also reminded people not to use a cell phone when pumping their gas as that could trigger a fire.  Hey, Mr./Ms. News person, get it right!  It can’t happen.  It has never happened in the real world. In laboratories they have been unable to make it happen.  If you go “boom” when pumping gas, it will not be due to your cell phone!

Unlimited Calling $10.00 per month!

Wow, sounds to good to be true! It is.  That is, it’s not true.  I made it up.  But the point is, things are not always as good as they seem.  I recently saw an unlimited calling plan for $60.00 per month.  At first it seemed great.  Until I saw how small the “Network” was and what “out of Network” calls cost…  Along with the roaming and long distance charges.  So remember to take a hard look at those offers.  Can you get the coverage you need?  What are the costs for roaming?  Long distance?  Other charges?  Read that fine print.

Forget the penalties for early termination... Terminating at anytime will cost you.  It used to be if you signed up on say a 12 month calling plain, if you terminated it early (say 6 months) you got hit with a termination fee.  Now a lot of companies are lowering or waiving that termination fee for the life of the contract. 

Free Nights!!!!!!!

Look out... On a lot of plans your “free” night time minutes don’t start till after 9:00 p.m.!  Ya, 9:00 p.m.  It used to be 7, them some moved it to 8.  Now it’s going to 9.  Lets face it.  The truth is they are really taking away free nights.  9:00 p.m., is a little on the late side to be calling a lot of folks mid week.

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