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Testing The Xerox
M760 And M950 Color Printers

Sometimes, it's the timing that makes a good story a great story.  In this case Xerox just announced a price drop on two of it's printers, the DocuPrint M760 and the WorkCenter M950.  Here at BizNet we have been playing with these two printers for about 3 months.  Now if your a printer, then you really don't want to play with us.  We don't play nice.  We pull your power cord as your printing, we bend and crinkle the paper before putting it in.  We will run you day and night.  Just to see if you have a break down we will start you printing at 7:00 a.m., and keep feeding you paper till 6:00 p.m.

Now if you can't take it, and don't empress us, we don't tell anyone about you.  In the case of Xerox's DocuPrint M760 and the WorkCenter M950, we get to tell the world about you.

Now back to those price cuts.  When we started to work on this article the DocuPrint M760 was prices at $199.00.  Xerox just dropped that price to a low $149.00.  Not bad for a printer that can go up to 1200 X 1200 printing.  What is more impressive is the WorkCentre M950.  The WorkCenter M950 was priced at $499.00.  It is now priced at the low price of  $249.  Wow that's a cut of over $200.00!

The price drop on the WorkCenter M950 is so drastic, that unless you can't conceive of ever having the needs for all of it's extra features, I can't see anyone buying the DocuPrint M760, when for $100.00 bucks more you can get the WorkCenter M950.

Both the DocuPrint M760 and the WorkCenter M950 are the same basic printer at hart.  The WorkCenter M950 is beefed up with a lot more bells and whistles to make it a great all in one office machine (I still say even for home usage go the extra $100.00) Both printers have a feature I really like.  Each print color has it's own print cartage.  So if you used up all the red ink, you just replace the red ink.  You don't have to throw out the yellow and magenta colors, like you would with a printer that uses a "tri" color printer cartage.  This makes the unit much more economical to operate.

Lets look at why I'm so hot on the WorkCenter M950, here are just some of it's features:

        Flatbed Scanning with Xerox ControlCentre Software
- Easy image capture at 600 x 600 dpi
- Scan to you favorite applications, including e-mail, as easy as 1-2-3
- 30-bit Color (millions of colors); 10-bit black
- Send and receive faxes via your PC modem
- Includes TextBridge PRO - The most accurate text recognition software available
- MGI PhotoSuite photo editing software included

        Flatbed Color Copying
- Convenient 20-Sheet Set Document Feeder
- Engineered to copy faster - up to 12cpm Black and 7cpm Color
- Full color legal-size copies
- Advanced copy features: 25%-400% Reduction/Enlargement, Autofit, Poster, Clone, Mirror
- Flatbed design - If it fits on the glass, you can copy it

        True-to-Life Photo Quality Color Printing
- Engineered to print faster - up to 12ppm Black and 7ppm Color
- Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi on any paper
- Crisp, laser-like Black and brilliant color
- Networkable with optional CentreDirect External Print Server

Now if you only go with the DocuPrint M760 instead of the M950 you don't get the Color Scanning and Coping features.  As the M950 is only $100.00 more then the M760, do yourself a big favor.  Spend the extra money and get even more value for your money.

Check out all the info at :

Xerox  :


For the M760 : http://www.xerox.com/go/xrx/template/012.jsp?Xcntry=USA&Xlang=en_US&Xseg=soho&prodID=M760

For the M950 :



For being such a great value at it's new super low price, BizNet OnLine Magazine gives the WorkCenter M950 the WOW Award!.  

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