US - China Spy Plane Incident, Leads To Mass Hacker Attack!!!!!
All US And Chinese Web Sites Are At High Risk Throughout The Month Of May!

It's war between US and China Computer Hackers.  Hotter heads on both sides are letting their emotions get the best of them, or they are just using the incident as an excuse to hack but....

Chinese Hackers have announced their intentions of attacking any and all U.S. Web Sites they can throughout the month of May.  It is reported that the purpose of the web sites do not matter.  The can be personal.  Private business sites.  Or governmental.  The Chinese Hackers are just out for blood, and to hack each and any U.S. site they can get into.

Everyone with a U.S. web site is being urged to take extra precautions to protect their sites.

U.S. Hackers have announced plans for a counter attack on any and all Chinese Web sites.

Some of you may recall that this is history repeating itself.  Last year Chinese Hackers mounted an attack in protest of NATO.

Play it safe.  Be prepared.  Guard your site.  Back it up.  Protect who can make changes to it. 

If your just a private citizen without a web site, you to need to take precautions.  If you keep an "Always On" Internet connection going, you need to protect yourself from hackers using your computer as part of these attacks.

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