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The Great Gas Protest Of 2001!
Just how high are gas prices going to go?

Today is April 29th, 2001, I am sitting here at my computer getting this story together for posting in just two days.

The big questions are:

Just how high are gas prices going to go


Are we getting hosed?????????

Most folks are sure that prices may go as high as $3.00 a gallon.  I hate to say it, but I truly believe that in some places they will go way past $3.00 a gallon.  How can I be so sure?

Easy, I just took a look at .  This web site keeps watch on what is going on with fuel prices.  Right now as I write this, gas is selling for $3.01 per gallon FOR REGULAR GAS!   Don't Believe me?  Drive over and get a fill-up at this station for yourself:

Highway 190 At
Death Valley, CA 92328

OK, I'll concede that this is a gas station out in Death Valley, and gas is always higher in these types of locations, BUT over $3.00 for a gallon of REGULAR Gas...............

Don't tell me we are not getting hosed.  We are.

Look, I'm a levelheaded guy.  I believe in free enterprise.  I know here in California we have our own "special" blend of gas.  I know that the recent refinery fires effect price, etc.....  I know all that stuff.  I also don't believe in all those conspiracy theories.  But this I know... The gasoline companies are hosing us!

Below are some of the more recent news story headlines (with links to the full stories)  You will notice that the first story is about how well Mobil and Exxon are doing.

They’re not the only gas companies hitting record profits.

OK, what do we do?  Lets face it, that "Don't buy gas on Wednesday" thing was a joke.  It hurt no one.  But I think we have a winning idea.

I'll see you after you have had a chance to check out the below headlines:

Exxon Mobil profits surge on high oil, gas prices
Reuters, 04.23.01, 7:56 AM ET

Memo details Arco strategy on gas prices

Sen. Ron Wyden says a report he will release at a hearing shows a plan to raise West Coast prices

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

By Jim Barnett and Kim Christensen of The Oregonian staff  

Gas prices surge across U.S.
Some forecasts see almost $3 a gallon by late summer

By Kristen Gerencher,
Last Update: 6:19 PM ET April 23, 2001 

Gas prices: No quick fix is in sight

Associated Press

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Motorists angered by the price of gasoline shooting up 30 cents a gallon in the past month

Gas prices reach record levels in Tri-Cities

Bristol Herald Courier

Apr 19, 2001 - 12:15 AM

Gas prices up 27 cents in one month The Associated Press
Date: 04/27/01 11:24,local/3acca07e.427,.html

Statewide gas prices jump 24 cents over three weeks
By Associated Press

Double-Digit Increase in Gas Prices for Northern California Motorists, AAA Reports; 13-cent Jump Since Mid-March; Price is Highest Since Last November

    SAN FRANCISCO--April 17, 2001  

April 24 —  U.S. gasoline pump prices soared by nearly 13 cents per gallon in the past two weeks even though oil prices remained steady, an analyst said.

    CHICAGO, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- HIGHER PUMP PRICES COULD HURT LOCAL ECONOMY -- Gas prices, perhaps, as high as $3 a gallon this summer could siphon $1.2 billion from the area's slowing economy, according to an exclusive

Crain's Chicago Business analysis. Also 18,000 jobs that rely on discretionary spending in sectors such as retail and restaurant could be pink-slipped.

    When gas prices hike so do the number of customers who drive away without paying, Crain's reports.

Lets Fight Back!

By now you’re ready to believe that we are getting hosed. If not do some more research, and then come on back. If you’re ready now to do something to stop this rip off, then read on..

Could you imagine what would happen to one of those gas companies if for a full month, their income fell to Nothing, Zip, Nada, A Big Zero?

The following Idea is not mine.  I got it in an E-Mail, from Sharon, our copy editor.  I read it over, did some research, and I believe now is the time for her idea.

Her Idea?  Don't do any business for a full month, with one particular brand, and then move on to the next brand and so on.  Unless the big gas companies want to see their stations put on a permanent boycott, they had better wake up.

This idea is very workable.  It just needs the right timing.  We need time to get the word out, and a schedule to go on.

Get the word out!

Send a copy of this article to every person you know.

A time table.

First strike, June 1, 2001!

This gives us the month of May to alert everyone.

Starting on June 1st, we boycott the first gas company:

Arco and BP  (BP petroleum) For the full month of June don't go into any Arco or BP Stations.  Not even for food.  Let the place grow cobwebs.

Then in July we move on to the next company, Chevron!

See the pattern.  Every month, we move to the next company.  We just go in alphabetical order.  One by one, every company gets hit.

If this does not work, we just change the rules.  Instead of one month we go 6 months.

Think about it.  If we show that everyone in the United States can pull together, and stay out of the "station of the month", for the full month, the big oil companies will know we can go 6 months.

The big oil companies know we can't go with out gas.  What we need to show them is we can go without their brand of gas.  Hose us on the price, and your competition gets our business.  If all the gas companies band together, we band together, and one by one, stop doing business with them.  After they see that for them to band together one or more of them is going to go under, they will start to realize that the American Public can still make their wishes heard with their purchasing dollars!

So get the word out.  Starting June 1, 2001, Arco and BP gas stations become ghost towns for 30 days!





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