Will Your Cell Phone Make Your DSL Line Look S L O W?

If you have ever had to use your Cell Phone to make a wireless internet connection you know at its best it is incredibly slow.  Even when compared to a really bad phone connection and a 14.4 connection.  And that is what is holding back Web Enabled phones from being really useful and practical.

Yes, I would love to have the Internet available on my phone.  Need an address, Look It Up.  Need Directions?  Download them.  But, at this time I don’t have the time to wait, and wait, and wait, and… You get the idea.  Cell phones are no way to surf the net, so how are 3G phones going to change that?

Well 3G (third Generation) Mobile phones are making big promises of truly being Web Enabled, but what about that slow speed connection (in most cases you’re looking at about a 9.9 connection speed)?

At this time it is looking like 3G phones will be so fast that they will blow your DSL connection out of the water!

Out Of The Water!?

Lets check it out. Sprint and Lucent have successfully tested a 3G test with a wireless speed of 2.4 MB per second.  How fast is that?  Most DSL or T1 lines are now running at 1.5MB.  So 2.4 MB is beyond fast.  In fact it is 165 times faster then most wireless connections in use today.

Now that I gave you the great news, let’s check out the bad.  It ain’t going to happen until about 2003. 

But when we do get it, what will we do with it.  Man can I think of things.  Being way faster then DSL, I could download music for the day.  Maybe a movie or two?  With GSM in the units, the internet can give us more then directions, we could get real time driving directions and positioning. Along with real time traffic and weather.

For God Sakes Don’t Drive And Phone!!!!

Or More Laws We Don’t Need..........

Here in Los Angeles we have an elected official by the name of George Nakano.  Now before George was Assemblyman Nakano, he was an accident victim.  Some yahoo rear-ended him, while talking on the cell phone... So, now that George has the power, we may get stuck with another law we don’t need.  Now don’t misunderstand me.  I am not knocking Assemblyman Nakano.  And anyone looking at my car accident history will know I hate drivers that should be pedestrians.  But the truth is we do not need any laws in reference to cell phones and driving.


In California the motor vehicle code (hey, I just aced my Drivers License Renewal test, and got a 100 % on my traffic school test) states that we must pay attention to the road.  This covers Eating, Reading, Doing Needlepoint, or anything that takes away from your driving.  Not paying attention to the road?  Not staying in your lane.  Going to slow?  Too fast?  Cutting folks off?  Guess what?  A cop can give you a ticket.  We already have the laws; we just need to use them.


We do not need driving and talking laws.  But whom do we believe?  A new study by the AAA (Auto Club) shows no statistical correlation between driving and Cell Phone use.  Another study reported in the New England Journal of medicine states that “the risk of become involved in an accident is four times higher when using a cell phone”.  The study also stated “Hands Free” operation “was not any safer”.  Hands Free Not Any Safer......  We will get back to that...

So whom do we believe?  What laws do we need?  Hey, relax we don’t need new laws.  We just need to enforce the ones we have.  If someone is driving when they are distracted (for any reason) we need to ticket them for unsafe driving.  That’s all.

Hands Free not any safer...  It's not the using of the phone that is dangerous.  It's the not paying the attention to the road, and not staying focused that is dangerous.  Can you say driving while impair or distract?  Lousy driving is lousy driving.

So, just use the mental focus and attention you need when driving.  Not everyone can walk and talk at the same time.  So, why do some of those same folks try to talk and drive at the same time?

Hey, you lawmakers.  We have the laws!  How about finding the funds to get the traffic cops to enforce them!

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