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In Your Home Or In Your Office You Phone Needs Wires.

In Your Home Or In Your Office You Phone Needs Wires.

Have You Given Them Any Thought?

Both your home and office phones depend on the same thing. Wires!  Have you ever given them much thought?  You really should.  Wiring problems can result in everything from no phone service, crossed lines, strange noises, static, to other difficulties with your phones.

If the trouble with the wires is in the wiring outside your home or office, your local telephone company in most cases will fix the trouble at no charge.  Even if they have to run new lines.  Not a bad deal for you the end user.

However, if the wire problem is inside your building, the phone company is not going to do it for free.  The charge to locate and fix the problem is going to run you $80.00 per hour or more.  And it can get really expensive, really fast.

Here at BizNet Online Magazine one of our editors works out of his home.  He has three phone lines.  Two of the three get “crossed” from time to time so parties on one line can hear parties on the other line.  He called his local phone company to fix it.  Pacific Bell Technicians spent about 6 hours just finding the problem.  Good thing for him he had added what’s known as “Wiring Insurance” to his phone plan.

Most Telephone companies offer what they call “A Wiring Plan”.  For $2.00 to $3.00 per month, all your indoor wiring is covered.  If there is a problem on any of your lines, it is fixed free.

At my home office I have 6 lines and a DSL connection.  I pay less then $3.00 per month to GTE to “Insure” all of my lines.

Now, back to our Editor with the Faulty phone lines.  The phone company has been out at least 4 times.  The have spent countless hours attempting to fix the trouble, all at no cost, thanks to the Wiring plan.

So, was it a good thing for our Editor?  We will let you know next month.  Last we heard from Pacific Bell was that the wires needed to be replaced.  The technician stated he needed his supervisor’s O.K. to do it under the wiring plan.  The field tech gave our Editor the phone number for his supervisor.  So what did the supervisor say?  Who knows, they guy is not returning the phone calls………..

Stay turned to find out if Pacific Bell fixes this or sticks it to our Editor.

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