Don’t Think…………. DRIVE !


As you drive down the road do you sometimes think to yourself that your fellow drivers just  don’t think?  Truly mindless idiots?

Then do I have news for you!  A new study just released shows that no one should Think and Drive.


Think and Drive????  Yes, look it really is simple if you think about it (but not while driving).  The more you think about one thing (as in concentrating on it), the less attention you give to anything else you’re doing.  Have you ever been at a lecture, etc., and started spacing out, or thinking of something else?  You totally tuned out the event you were at.  Nothing the speaker was saying got through to you.  All your thinking and concentration was someplace else.


What’s this got to do with driving? The more you think about something else, the less you think about your driving.  The less you think about your driving, the less you pay attention to the world around you (traffic, etc.)


Ever been on a long drive and start to think about something else?  Next thing you know you have gone miles and did not even notice the distance you traveled.  It’s easy to get lost in thought.


The more concentration the other subject takes, the less attention your driving is going to get.


Now, lets bring Cell Phones into the picture.  A speaker Phone can help, but it still depends on what the conversation is about.  If you’re driving and talking on the Phone, explaining how to do a Heart Bypass to the person on the other end of the phone….  Pull off the road! Lets face it, all your concentration is going to be on the conversation.  You will be forming "Mental" pictures and not seeing the road in front of you.


On the other hand if you’re just calling someone to tell them your running late, chances are your not going to be distracted.


Not Just Cell Phones.

This new study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied ( ) clearly shows that this applies to more then just Cell Phones.  The more you think about anything when driving the less you think of your driving.  If you’re listening to the Radio or a book on tape, just listen to it.  Do not concentrate on it.  If you start to form “Mental” pictures about what you’re hearing, the next thing you know you’re going to find yourself wrapped around a tree.


So remember, just drive, Don’t Think!

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