What Should Every Responsible Car Owner Have?

By Mike Lipshultz

I'll give you a heads up, this really is a trick question. So the answer is not auto insurance.  All though, yes, you must have that!

Think more along the lines of "What should every responsible car driver have if they want to get to where they're going ?"

Well whether your car is one of those cars that comes with or without a spare tire ( yes folks a lot of new cars, come without spare tires) at the very least you should have a portable 12 volt air compressor for keeping your tires properly inflated. Along with some kind of fix a flat in a can. That easy to use portable air compressor not only makes it easy to keep your tires inflated for the best miles per gallon, but when combined with that fix a flat in a can can help get you either back on the road safely or to a safe place where you can change a tire. I don't know about you, but I don't relish the thought of a loved one trying to change a tire on a busy highway.

Also every car owner should have in every car a good set of jumper cables. By a good set of jumper cables I mean cables made out of copper wire. Not cheap aluminum ones. Trust me on this. Don't find out the hard way when you burn your hands on the cheap aluminum ones! Because they get unbelievably hot.

Or even better than a pair of jumper cables get yourself what's known as a jump starter for a jumper box. A jumper box is basically a spare car battery in a self contained box with a pair of cables built in so that you can jump-start yourself, or a family member.

Believe me the jumper boxes may cost more than jumper cables but they are well worth it. You get back going on your way immediately. And you don't have to sit there for hours hoping some good natured person will let you take up their time and jump start you from their car.

Also do you really want to think about your loved one sitting on the side of the highway waiving down any passing motorist hoping to get a jump start?

Over the coming year Biznet Online Magazine will be taking I'll look at some of these items and what makes some more worth buying than others. Or how based on your needs how one is better for you than the other.

We will also explain how some old forgotten technology should not be forgot. Like the good old CB radio. There is a good reason why truckers still depend on these great old radios. And some of these old radios have some pretty new technology built into them.

And some not so old but becoming forgotten about technology .... The GPS unit.

We have all gotten way too used to using our smartphone as a GPS unit. But how are you going to find your way when you have no cellular connection?

Well without a free standing GPS unit and the CB radio you're going to be lost and alone, out of contact with the rest of the world.

I'm sure we've got you thinking and seeing a reason to come back for more in depth information.

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