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Two Men Walk Into A Bar...

            The Third One Ducks.....


That was the question of the day when the BizNet was talking car to car on one of our Los Angeles to Arizona runs.  And it is a good thing we had a set of Cobra GS 900's to play with.  The GS stands for General Service.  These radios are basically the same as all those "family band" radios you have all seen, with one big difference.

Power, Baby, Power.  As they are "GS" the units have a lot more power then those "Family Band" units, so you can get some real range out of them. Now you would think that the units would have gone though batteries like crazy.

  After all on a 300-mile drive we passed the time by telling jokes and doing "Brain Teasers" from car to car.  The whole trip.  But when we found the radios still on in the morning (we forgot to turn them off) the batteries were still going strong.  In fact, they lasted the whole return trip to boot!

Check out some real radios at:

For their super battery life BizNet OnLine Magazine gives the Cobra GS 900 the Winner Award!

The WOW award came as somewhat of a shock (To Us) because we took a look at a couple of products a few years ago and said “WOW” what a product. This is the coolest thing we had ever seen, one day everyone will have this product! And this has come to pass for many of the products that we have given the WOW award to. The product that gets the WOW award is a total of all of the awards above, A-OK: works right out of the box; ON TARGET: Just what the consumer needs, and is a total WINNER!


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