QuickBooks Corner – Tips & News about QuickBooks
By Sharon Wolfe, QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisor


Imagine being locked out of your file because you can’t remember your password?

It happens a lot –


ADMIN password should be written down and saved in an obvious place (obvious to you, not to people who may sit at your desk!).

ALWAYS add a user (that can be used as a “backdoor” into QuickBooks just in case the ADMIN password is forgotten).

For my clients, I always put my name in as a user with my personal password that nobody at the client’s office knows. I give myself access to ALL AREAS OF QUICKBOOKS, just like the Administrator’s. This way, the business can still run their books (all they have to do is call me and say I FORGOT MY PASSWORD).

Another suggestion is to have them to give me their Administrator password that they setup and I can keep it on file off premises for them.  This works very well, because you need ADMINISTRATOR password to do special things.

FINAL SOLUTION – send the file to QuickBooks; pay the fee and wait several days for them to send it back. BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP COPY FIRST.

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