I Want It!
Now That's A Promotional Product!

We have all seen promotional items, from cheap pencils to really expensive stuff.  So why are so many folks giving out the "freebee's?  It's because they work!

Now if you are thinking, "They work? B.S., The stuff I gave out was a waste of money".  Then you gave out the wrong promotional item.

Ever hear the saying "The right man for the job"?  Well, this is true for any job that needs to be done.  And the JOB of a promotional item is to bring you business.  It takes more than just promotional item to bring you business.  It takes the RIGHT promotional item. 

The right one?  How much is this going to cost?  Look I have seen $0.10 pencils do a great job.  I have also seen $2.00 items produce no results.

When looking for promotional products, you need to realize that the cost of the product has nothing to do with if it will be effective or not.  The only value you need to be concerned about is the "Perceived" value.  Perceived value?  Yes, it is not what it cost, it is the impression it makes.  Ever get a promotional item that made you think "Wow, I like this.  I'm keeping this, this is neat".

That is the perceived value.  It is not what it cost to give it.  It is the fact that it has value to you.  If it has value you will keep it and use it.  As you are keeping it, and using it, you are seeing the advertising on it day after day.  And one day you will need the services of the company that gave it to you, and bingo!  Their phone number is right there.  And that is when that promotional product has done its job.

How much should you spend?  That is the question.  Lets start with your budget.  After all, you can only spend what you can afford.  After you come up with a budget, you need to select a product.  In selecting a product you need to look at:

What other folks are giving out.

What other folks are not giving out.

You then need to find something your customers are going to go WOW over, and is not being given out by everyone else.

To select a product, start with your own likes and dislikes.  What product would make you go WOW.  Will it make your customers go WOW?  If so and it is in your budget, then you found the right product for the job.
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