Not Another Let Down?
Hello for 4-2002
By: Mike Lipshultz

Itís Here, Itís In My Ear!

I have been playing with a new Plantronics headset (; the model Iím using is the DuoPro H151.  It has a noise canceling microphone, and an ear peace that seats next to your ear, not in it.

If you are like me, ear bud style earpieces feel like someone is sticking their finger in your ear.  I just donít like it.  The units that use a band over your head get uncomfortable after awhile also.  So, until now, the all-time best headset I have ever used was the ďMirageĒ also by plantronics, but a very old design.

The Mirage is still sold, and let me tell you, you forget you have it on.  I purchased mine years ago.  Like over 10 years???  And as I recall it was in the $200.00 area.  Well the good news is that the Mirage is now under $100.00.  But if you want the best, itís the DuoPro.  I have been using them side-by-side.  The DuoPro is everything the Mirage is, and a bit more.  So, it is even more comfortable.  I guess in short I would think of it as a new, updated, and improved Mirage.  And at just over $100.00 it is worth it.

Yes, you can buy a cheap headset for only $25.00 or $30.00.   But I have been using my Mirage almost daily for god only knows how long.  So, spend the bucks.  You ears will thank you.


Me?...... Never!

I have also been playing with a cordless headset by Plantronics.  We did a full review some time back on the CA10.  Let me tell you.  Adding the DuoPro to the Wireless CA10 is great.  I can now walk around the office, and still have the comfort of my desk earphone.

If you get a chance check out Plantronics new web site at:

They just redid it, and it looks and functions very nicely.

For the Mirage:

For the DuoPro:

For the CA10:

Once Again Plantronics is an Award Winner!  BizNet is proud to give the new DuoPro the Editors Choice Award!

Editors Choice?  Simply put, we the Editors at BizNet OnLine Magazine, give the Editors Choice Award to any product that we personally would choose to use over all the competing products in the same category.  This is what we consider to be the ďBest Of The BestĒ.


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