A Salute To Bad Business Web Sites........
Just Because They Do It...........

Your mission should you decide to accept it is to visit the following 3 web sites.  Find and retrieve their phone number.




Now if you took on the challenge, you discovered that finding a phone number was no easy task!

Think about that.  You wanted to call them.  Do business with them. Give them your money, and you had to frustrate the hell out of yourself to contact them.

Look, no matter the size of the company, or the complexity of the web site, Always but always make it so a blind person could find your phone number.

Also give out that E-Mail address.  If you force folks to only use a "feed back" or "questionnaire" form you will lose business.  Always give a good old E-Mail address.  Hay, what about next to the phone number at the top and bottom of every page.

You put up the company web site to get business.  Now look at your web site.  How easy is it to contact you?

If it's "mission imposable" then fix it! And you may discover all the business you were missing.

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