Is The FTC Right? Are They All Apples?
BizNet Starts To Look At Auto Engine "Additives"

Ever since BizNet started to write about Automotive Products, I have been getting E-Mails asking about such things as "Engine Additives" and such.

In my personal opinion the jury is still out on if they work or not.  In the FTC opinion they do not work.  The FTC has been going after the makers of "engine additives" harder than ever.  So, is the FTC right?

One company the FTC is after makes a product called ZMax.  The FTC states it does not work, and should not be sold as an additive.

ZMax claims it does work, and that it is not really an engine additive.

For more on the FTC:

For More on ZMax:

So who is right?  I'm not a scientist so I can't tell you.  But I can say that in talking with ZMax, they offered to let me try it for myself.  So over the next few months I'm going to throw some ZMax into the truck and see if I notice any change.  No real scientific stuff.  Just testing they way you do.  Try it and see if I like it.  We will be following ZMax's instructions and giving the truck 1,000 miles to show a difference in performance and mileage.

We will let you know what happens.
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